Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My New Baby and Spring Nails

Well, if he will let me type that is... lol
I've been M.I.S again for many reasons... Two of them are traveling (I know, again...) and I got a new kitty
and he keeps me soooo busy. Of course I am fighting him off as I type because he is the neediest attention seeker in the world!!!
But I love him so much <3

Of course I have a million pics but just so you guys don't think I turned into some crazy cat lady, I'll only post a few. He is still just two months old n sum change. If you are wondering what his name is, he kinda has three that i put into one long name...
My students named him "Bobby Wasabi" and he also got the name "Max Jyamma" because like I said he's sooo needy and always has to be in the mix. (Jyamma means in the way) But I just call him kitty, just like I acll my rabbit bunny, lol so He is Bobby Wasabi Kitty Max Jyamma lol.

Look at how tiny he was!!!

He is getting sooo big. This is him playing the guitar in his sleep, lol arms n legs r all into it LOL

bunny, u get sum luv from me too
After I cleaned his cage n started putting things back in, he decided to soil the cage as soon as he got a chance... hater...

And now for my spring nails, I just did some green and yellow nails with some flowers and other shimmery stuff to jazz it up. Pretty simple nails for the week =)