Saturday, January 18, 2014

Daytime Makeup

Everyone has their own ideas of what the one product you shouldn't leave the house without is (of course many would say you don't NEED to have makeup, too). Some may not feel comfortable without having their eyebrows filled in, others may want some foundation or concealer, and I do think both have good points. Eyebrows frame your face, and having great looking skin makes you look younger and put together. For me, though, I rely on eyeliner to open up my eyes. After all, eyeliner is supposed to create the illusion of thicker lashes, and since I HATE mascara, liquid and pencil liners are my best friends!
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A New Blog about all things Japan!

My friend and I have decided to start a new blog about Japan. Although we are both busy and may not have time at the moment to get it up and running as fast as we'd like, we are doing our best to get new posts up! Check out our new blog here and learn a little more about about Japan, or just be a fly on our wall and follow us around our little adventures =]

My New Year's In Japan

This year, I didn't necessarily do anything special. I didn't travel anywhere for the holidays, but since I live in Japan I hoped to do some of the traditional things...but that didn't happen. I didn't go to the temple around midnight, I didn't eat toshikoshi soba (passing of year soba noodles) or osechi (special meals for the new year), and I didn't even count down to midnight (I was too busy blabbering that I missed the moment that it turned 12).

This year, I visited the temple on the 2nd of January, and traveled to visit my grandparents right after. My friend and I made a post on what it's like on our new blog on Japan here. Please check it out if you want a detailed account of things. I just thought I'd share some of the pictures that I took on here.

So we went to Asakusa's temple at 9 in the morning, while it was still some what uncrowded. It was cold, but still such a nice day!
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