Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Spring Capsule Wardrobe

As much as it does't seem like spring in the northeast (it actually snowed last night), it's that time of the year to change up your wardrobe. Out with the heavy coats and in with the classic trench coats. Good bye dark plums and hello pastels. That being said, this spring is the first spring I try out a capsule wardrobe, and after it will make a complete year of trying out to be a minimalist (wardrobe wise at least).

I've definitely had to adjust the rules I initially set and get used to new routines and styles of clothes. But I've enjoyed this experience and found out more about myself than I thought I would. After all, building a capsule wardrobe is just as much about finding out about what your true style is...what your want to say to the world about yourself through fashion, as it is about being practical, choosing quality over quantity, and simplifying.

The troubles I've had is with transitional periods, especially fall and spring, because I can't decide if I'd really want to put away certain pieces before the next season comes along. For example, the A-lines midi skirt would work just as well in the summer as it would in spring. Do I really "need" four capsule wardrobes instead of two? Or should I just narrow each season's selections and just have four?

As with any season, the backbone of your capsule wardrobe is your neural classic pieces. For spring, I've decided I wanted to focus on lighter neutral colors (the stain remover pen is already in my purse) like white pants and light wash jeans. But embracing my feminine style, I brought in more of the tulle/A-line midi skirts that I love so much. A maxi skirt for the colder days, and a couple dresses that can go from formal to casual depending on how you accessorize.

Spring 2015 Accessories

Spring 2015 Accessories by nia-maki featuring a yellow gold necklace

The accessories are where I like to mix in trends and make the clothes versatile. So Forever21, H&M, and such stores still get visits for costume jewelry, scarves, and an outfit of two in the seasons trending colors and styles. This year it's all about the brass/gold tones, asymmetrical earrings, choker-ish necklaces, and I still love the layered, delicate necklaces and stackable rings. 

Hopefully dressing the part will give the weather a clue that it's time to warm up [=

"You have a more interesting life if you wear impressive clothes."
- Vivienne Westwood