Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Curly Hair Routine

If your allergies aren't letting you know it's spring, maybe it's the urge to bust out those cute skirts now that the weather is warming up! We've spent months being bundled up and seeking shelter from the cold. It's about time we get out for some fresh air and do some spring cleaning, but don't forget about your hair! It needs some changes to it's routine too!!

spring hair care

1. Cowashing!!
For me this is an absolute MUST! With spring comes allergy season, and even though winter lets you get away with less wash days, spring and summer aren't as forgiving. You see, all the evil pollen flying around decided that messing with you while your outside isn't enough. They cling on to your clothes and hair and go home with you. Think about what that means when you toss and turn on that pillow case... Unless you want to invest in Japanese allergy goggles (it is a thing. google it) or an eye mask, washing your hair becomes the logical answer to de-pollenizing your hair. Yes, I know us curlies can't just wash our hair everyday with shampoo (unless dried out, frizzy hair is your thing), but that's where co-washing comes to the rescue. You can find lots of co-washing products (cleansing conditioners) in the beauty isle these days, but if you don't want to all another product to you ever so extensive hair routine, simply use your conditioner alone. Conditioners have some surfactants that help to cleanse your hair to hold you until the next wash day. But be careful, if your brand of conditioner has a lot of protein it can cause a bit of build up.

2. Revamp Your Hair Products<3
Your wardrobe changes to suite the weather and so should your hair products. Winter was all about heavy creams and ultra moisturizing products to combat the dry air. With spring, you get a little more humidity back, so switch over to lighter products that work for your hair type. Shea Moisture has this cute quiz that matches you up with perfect products your your hair type and needs. Click on this link to check it out! Also hair is affected by the sun as well and we are getting a lot more daylight now! Although you don't need sunscreen for your locks you can use more protein treatments to help strengthen it. Are you the queen of extra? Grab your heat protectant (I hope you have some if you use heat to style your hair) and give your hair a spritz before heading out into the sun.

3. Don't Abandon Protective Styles~
April showers bring May flowers, but all I hear in that is RAIN! I don't know about you, but humidity can do a number on my hair... I do love volume and big hair but sometimes it can get a bit much... So either invest in good products that fight against humidity or reconsider those protective styles to get you through it. I always love going through pictures of cute styles on pinterest. And with the right protective style, you might be able to have a cute twist out when you take it out! (unless you are plagued by allergies and must wash it out). Getting scarves in cute prints for spring to wrap your hair is also a must for this season. The options are endless my friend!

What's something special you do for your hair when you welcome spring? <3