Sunday, November 2, 2014

5 Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Curly Hair

Hair comes in all colors, shapes, and textures. Knowing how to care for it can make a difference between hating your hair and loving being...well, you. Rather than straightening your hair by drying it out and frying it with harsh chemicals, just put a little more thought in your daily hair routine and you'd be surprised at how little effort it can take to get healthy, beautiful locks. <3

1. Moisture, moisture, moisture. 
Shampoo strips away your natural oils that even your conditioner can't replace. Rather than shampooing everyday, switch to every other day or start co-washing. Harsh chemicals like sulphates and alcohol in your hair products are not good for your hair, so pick them wisely. Use oils like coconut oil (my personal favorite), serums, and creams to help keep your hair from being dry which leads to frizz. Spray your hair with water and organic aloe vera juice to reset curls on those second day curls.

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