Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trips to Korea, Singapore, Guam

Hey guys, I know I've been MIA for months... literally...
Well here are pictures of what I've been doing. I've been going a bit travel crazy lately... 

In October, as I posted before, I went to Korea. In November, I went to Singapore, and this month I went to Guam =) I also went to Iwate right after I came back, but those pictures will have to wait.

It has been a lot of fun, did lots of things I never would have though of, and I gotta admit, I can't get enough of traveling and being on vacation. 


I wouldn't know how to spell it out... Sam-getan? It's a whole chicken stuffed with sticky rice, in a soup full of veggies and..stuff.. lol.
It was pretty good actually, we ate it like 2 nights in a row and bought an instant one you can make a t home for the road.

My make up haul from Korea =) I never used things from benefits before, and I LOVE their tinted moisturizer.. and the moon beam and high beam. I was pretty excited to but Mac makeup from Korea because it was cheaper from there...

 and this was my back after I got this massage thing and they used these suction cups on my back. Apparently it's supposed to make your circulation better. MY mom's looked 10 times worse. Like a pepperoni pizza!


This was the hotel we stayed in =) I took this from the cab as we were pulling up into it.

At Universal Studios! It was like 5 minutes from the hotel and cost us about 5 bucks to get there!

I was so excited they had Rilakkumas there!
And did you peep that Victorias Secret bag?? They don't have a store in Japan so I was UBER excited!

at the pool on the roof of our hotel~

the famous Merlion! 

I got some henna done for 5 Singapore dollars =)

my make up haul form the Sephora at Singapore... again another store not in Japan!!


the beaches were so clear and beautiful!!! Perfect weather, too!!

My mini make up haul from Guam. I mostly bout toiletries from there because I can't get things like my face wash and deodorants here in Japan. So I gotta stock up on those things.

Anyway that is what I have been up to, and the reason I have not been posting.
I still feel the need to travel but I should take it easy before I go bankrupt lol.

I hope you guys are having a great holiday season =))

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fall time... in December?

The leaves are finally changing here in Tokyo. I went to Shinjuku-gyoen ( a huge park in Shinjuku) and took some pictures of the pretty trees. I've been gone for some time...not to be making excuses but I had gone to Korea in October, and Singapore in November. I'm heading out to Guam next week but figured I'd post something before I leave again.

I have lots of hauls, reviews, and pictures to post, but first before it becomes more irrelevant than it already is, here are some pictures of the pretty trees.

my friend, looking at the leaves


I was rolling around in the it was so soft and warm...

Hope you guys are having a great December, I can't believe the year is almost done...and it's just starting to look like fall now lol. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back from Korea!! with lash extensions!!

I'm back from Korea, where I treated myself to lots of shopping, pampering, and delicious food=D

A ticket to Korea could cost about $300 (hotel included) depending on the days you go. Of course, I wasn't able to go during that time, so it cost me about $700 for the package. Although I was a bit upset about it and didn't think it was worth that price... I had fun, and I'm glad I went.

One of the highlights of the trips was getting lash extensions!! As I wrote in an earlier post, I really wanted to get lash extensions... But I was not about to spend close to $200 a month to get that done here in Japan. Our tour guide found a place for me to go and had a car pick me up and drop me off back at the hotel and had a deal of as many lashes of whatever length I wanted all for $70 bucks(car ride included)!! Here I think having 60 individual lashes can be about $120, 80 individual lashes about $150 and all you want was like $170 (according to some sites I checked out. Might be more or less depending on the place). I was told that I shouldn't put mascara on, and not to go in saunas for a day.

The whole procedure took about an hour. I actually even fell asleep when she started working on my right eye... It wasn't painful but you do feel a little discomfort at times. She used tape or some adhesive material to separate and get the bottom lashes out the way and started sticking each lash on.


Pros:: They were super cheap, and I could go as dramatic or natural as I wanted.
          I didn't have to find the place because a driver was waiting for me at the lobby.
          I don't have to put any make up on in the morning but still look more awake and made up.
          I don't have to deal with the frustration of getting off water proof mascara at night.
cons:: I can't go to Korea every month to get it done for that price... and I don't wanna cough up $200..
          Although the end product is nice...the process wasn't as "professional"as it would have been here..
          (you know how the ladies in the nail salon laugh and talk to eachother in Korean while doing your nails?...)
          She was blowing on my lashes... and wish she at least would have chewed gum first... or just used whatever it was to fan the lashes so the glue would dry...
          Lashes would just start falling off as the month ends... and that dpesn't seem fun.

So although I love my lashes like crazy right now... I don't know if I'll keep this up. It's a bit too expensive for my liking... I mean even with the cheapest option it's as much as my gym membership... and I did a lot of thinking to justify paying that much for the gym.

What do you guys think? Is it worth it? Or should I just find another way to glam up my face even though it would take more time and the use of many products?

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Sadly, I'll be spending it in Korea this year and everyone's celebrating it on the weekend here in Japan when I'm gone....

I think Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, and I was really heartbroken about not being able to celebrate it like I usually do... (I mean, I'm still upset I can't trick or treat anymore....)

So I dressed up anyway... lol!

I decided to do Pocahontus because I didn't actually have to buy anything and required little make up -eye liner and lipstick... oh yeah and my brows!

What are you guys gonna be for Halloween???

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spooky Forest Halloween Nails

I am posting another halloween look lol, yesss it never ends lol. So this week my boss told me I had to cut my nails (tear) and of course I understand why and filed them down... They are still not hella short but I figured this is enough... right??? =(

I wasn't sure what I really wanted to do.. I thought maybe I should throw in some haunted houses but then I thought it might look a lot more cluttered than it already is... so I kept it like this...

Here's the tutorial I made on youtube...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Halloween Nails!

Haha! So it was only a day but I really wanted to change my nails so here's what's on my nails now =P
 It's a bit more obvious that the theme is Halloween for this one =)

The bottom one is my right hand, so it was harder to draw in the faces, but I thought I'd put it in because I didn't use the blue/white fog like I did on my left hand. 

I sure am excited about Halloween... I wish I could still trick or treat lol!