Monday, September 27, 2010

what the??

So I just saw this pic and realized I forgot about it. It was from the summer when I made a quick trip to the combini (convenience store). They had "shiso" pepsi, (the leaf you usually find in sushi), and these two. And my first reaction was, ....what does boabab even mean?? It's brown, and there are pictures of giraffes on it... and that confused me even more. 
Well it wasn't good. And the other one, the green cola wasn't all that great either. Then again, I don't drink soda much, especially pepsi so maybe it just tasted like pepsi and I couldn't tell, lol.
Ever tried any of these or other funky drinks?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Miracle Boober

I'm sure you can guess what that is. And sadly, yes, they do sell and people here do believe in products that are obviously rip offs here... What gets me is not so much the fact that there are a whole bunch of these types of products at regular drugstores (like Rite Aid) but that they choose to use cartoons...on almost all of these to advertise the product. The name? Yes, that too. And also what they have written about the price (2980 = 30 bucks) which reads: boing boing. So this is what they must expect:

Girl walks in store and is stopped in her tracks by the amazing boobs the cartoon chick has. She probably doesn't understand the word "miracle" or "boob" to know that it's a "boober"-makes you get boobs- but she is further convinced by the "boing boing" written above the price. "I want my boobs to go boing boing...Yes, I will by this!"

Who thinks that way... In my opinion, maybe a preteen. Does this mean that this product targets preteens? Probably not... after all, they sell condoms that also have cute cartoon on the box, and those are clearly not for kids right?....

Yup that's right! These condoms are on sale! 36% off!! and that's 7 bucks!!! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's your weakness?

So I started going to the gym this year, and although I may miss a day or two I usually go at least once a week. (Actually I only go once a week these days) So once a month we can go and weigh ourselves and find out how well we are doing. The one thing I love about those machines is that well, it goes beyond the simple weight and BMI but also looks in to how much vitamins/minerals, protein, etc you have in your body; how much muscle you have, if it's balanced between the right/left or top/bottom part of your body and beyond. So I went and got myself checked out last week...and I lost 2 kilos, but apparently my body fat % had gone up... and I was told to lay off the burgers and fries. Sad part is, that's pretty much my meal at least 4 out of the 7 days of the week. I really don't like eating at home... And even when I eat something healthy and filing, something in my mind tells me it's not enough and I will stuff some fries, a burger, or dessert or I won't feel satisfied even though I'm full... SMH. Food is my number 1 weakness I think, even before makeup and Rilakkuma. What about you?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

KFC Delivery

Does KFC deliver back in the States too now? I was a bit shocked when I saw this on the street before. lol. It would be really good for me, but KFC here tastes awful. Every foreigner I've met here agrees. Apparently Japan looooves dark meat (which is more expensive than white meat here) so the chicken is always soggy n greasy. Yuck... 

What in the www?

So here are some pictures of the "sleeping on the train" snaps I have gotten, and also am guilty of doing! It's funny how they all have open mouths and tilted heads. Cute... until they start leaning on you like the whole ride.... Imagine their head on your shoulder with an open mouth. what's worse, their weight, breath, or drool? lol!

What in the www??

Or as one of my 5 year old Japanese students once asked me, What in the whole wide world?
So that's the title for all the little moments or random things in Japan that just make you go, huh?
This is my first of the many, "please use google or spell check Japan" posts!

Japanese Trends - Foxtail Keychains

So I started seeing this trend of wearing those giant fox tails in Japan again. I never got into it, and I'm not sure what brought it back again, but I thought I post about it and see what you guys think about it. I remember few years back there it was a big craze here, and I thought it was really silly, but all of a sudden, I look around and they're everywhere. I didn't think too much about it, but when I saw these 2 kids wearing them at a store, I just had to take a picture... They look kinda cute with the matching tails and crocs lol... So what do you think, would you rock it? Or should it have just stayed in the past?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still figuring things out...

I feel so old...
It has taken me forever to get the hang on twitter, and now here I am, up past midnight setting this up when I know I should be asleep!
I recently tried opening a luuux account because I though I'd give the whole blogging thing a try.
The site is so slow and frustrating, I thought I'd just make another one instead. Well, let's see how long it takes me to get this going.