About Me

It started out because I wanted to better myself. Finding an online community with similar interests is just a click away these days. All the knowledge in the word, right at your fingertips to do as you wish. Getting over fears and learning new things...it sounds like a huge cliche. But to be honest, it was more about finding myself again.

Growing up has turned out be be more tragic than I expected. You learn to conform and before you know it, you're just a peg in a huge machine that churns out more propaganda and keeps you running in place while only few profit. Social media platforms provided me with a space I could explore my interests, thoughts, and experiment with things that I would otherwise not find time for because of all the "adulting"required to pay bills. It was a community that had no physical boundaries. I can be in different cou
ntries at the same time and see the world through different people's perspectives. After a while, I realized I also had my own story to share, but was just always afraid of doing it.

That alone was reason enough to start my story. And whether you are looking for inspiration to start your own or just looking for a laugh, feel free to dive into my inner thoughts, or inner world.

I hope that this place can turn into a space full of support for those who seek it. A place where we can gather our thoughts, get inspired, and free ourselves from the mundane life that still chains us down. Unless we want to stay in the same place in life, we much constantly be ready to try new things, and evolve.

 "To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often." - Winston Churchill