Saturday, November 27, 2010

Updates and previews...

This is what I feel like my past months have been...

I haven't had time for anything else really, just school work... and work. lol.

Anyway, I have a few videos I've been working on and just need to finish up a few things.

I had a request on making a purikura video, that I feel so bad that it took me this long to do... and also some nail videos. 

and some of the nails I had done but not edited the videos for...

hope you guys stick around for those... probably in the next few days lol. 

Bwaaaah! Now back to my papers that are due this monday. (-_-)

Friday, November 12, 2010


We don't really eat turkey here in Japan. In fact, it's really hard to find it and would probably have to go to costco or something to get some. So for Christmas (not that they really celebrate it) they usually just have cake and go on dates with their girlfriend/boyfriend.

That being the case, I was really shocked to see KFC(..yeah I know...) advertising for Xmas meals! Usually even convenience stores like 711 and Lawson are advertising Xmas cakes that you can pre-order. But KFC had this one:

Now the thing that bothers me most is how that chicken is only $56!!! Lol, actually more than that when you add the exchange rate... What the heck Japan! I bet you it's extra small too...

Oh yeah, and also you can buy beer in KFC lol...
that's it on the top shelf...smh...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finally, some Halloween Pics!

Haha, Ronald totally looks like he's perving at me in the last picture!

Anyway, so it's been a while. Busy with school work and trying to sort some schedule conflicts for next year. But anyway, for now I'm just glad that the semester ends soon (-_-)

Anyway, Halloween was ages ago, and because I was working I wasn't able to take much pictures, but here are some of them:

I was yuki onna, some snow spirit lady that well kill people lost out in the snow or something horrible like that, but when I put a full white face, it looked a lot more scary I think so I tried to tone it down.

Of course, I gotta hold my Rilakkuma. P.S. I didn't have a pure white kimono or yukata, so it looks a bit silly but oh well... It was a kids halloween party lol.

Us being silly, lol. Luv the aloha even though she's dead lol.