Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So I recently went on to because of a contest that Toni Tralala is having. 
Going through it, I see they have many different products that they offer: make up, skin care, even things that might interest my boyfriend.

I wasn't really too keen on getting anything at first, I rarely shop on line... BUT!!! I have been dying to get an eye shadow from stila (kitten) because I ran out just when I got to Japan. They used to have a Stila counter around my workplace, but then they took it away...=(

I kind of gave up on buying the shadow, but seeing it on the site made me want to get it again =D...and I just might...

They have other things that might interest you as well ( I was also eyeing some candles they had...)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Next Nail Tutorial, possible animal series

I'm not much of a fan of animal print. Actually, I never owned any clothing item in my life with animal prints, but I have been trying of late. My pencil case has a zebra print, lol. I did a couple nail looks using animal prints, and I'm even thinking about doing a whole series of them. I was looking through this nail magazine for inspiration or looks to do, and I ran into a whole page full of them. I picked this to start with, and might try out a couple more that I saw on that page.  So here it is:

it might be a bit wild for some of you, but you can always use different colors and skip the glitter and rhinestones and just line it with black or whatever...

Any who, the video will be up soon =)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Double French Tip Nail Tutorial

I actually kind of like this look, it's pretty wearable for a change lol.
The only thing is that I wasn't as careful as I should have been with the glitter cause I was in a bit of a hurry (was midnight and the next day was my first day of school, haha)

So anyway, here it is...

I went on to add a few more layers of the gel top coat so it looks a lot more bubbly and glossy now...

But yes, I think the gel top coat makes this look a lot better than it would with out it.
It has a little bit of color, so even though the bottom half of my nail is clear, it makes it look nice and smooth, as if you buffed your nails and leaves a hint of color.

If your nails are filed well, it will make it look like you have fake nails with gel polish or something,
almost too perfect lol. 
But I like it like that =)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sleeping Trio on the Train

Haha, I saw this and thought it was too cute and had to snap a shot.... 

Seriously though... I really really want to stick something in people's mouths when I see them sleeping with their mouth wide open...

One other thing that bugs me is that you see all that space between them? The trains get really packed but because of people like these sometimes people (like me!) can't sit down because they don't want to move down. Especially if they're sleeping... Cause you can't give them the evil look till they move lol... ok I guess you can just say excuse me or start sitting and MAKE them move... but I could never do that!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Nail Tutorial

This is the next nail look that I am going to put up on my youtube channel:
I kinda messed up on this hand, I wanted the circle shiny things to look more like this, which was on my right hand....

It's a really simple look. First you just paint your nails is a creamy, off white color. It doesn't have to look perfect cause you'll paint over most of it with black anyway.

Then all you do is pain the top 2/3rds black and make it curve like so:

Once again, it doesn't have to be perfect cause we will cover it with those silver small circles. 
Remember, they look a bit better on my right than my left hand's pic (the completed look)

I just used some snowflake nail stickers and saved some time, and put on a top coat over it all. I only did my thumb's manually with a nail art brush, but the rest are stickers.

Then I just used a glittery polish to make a gradation at the tip, and then it's finished!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snow!! Visiting the Grandparents...

So this past week I went waaaay up north (in Japan) to visit some relatives for the holidays. In Japan, Christmas isn't really a big deal the way it is back home. Yes, they go crazy with decorations and it seems oh so Christmasy here, but really, it's just a day for couples and a day to buy and eat a Christmas cake. Hey, most of them are not Christians, so why would they celebrate it, right?

The big deal here is New Year's day! That's the family get together day full of tradition and (I guess religion in a way too cause they visit shrines/temples)

So the last three years I spent my New Years with my family, but this year my trip was to be cut short because of my mother's work schedule... So I spent New Years at home, which was weird cause usually my family took care of the decorations, food, all the things and I just relaxed and enjoyed it all... This year, I tried to do it here too, unsuccessfully by the way, to make the "toshikishi soba" (passing of the year soba noodles), mochi, and all that stuff. At least visiting the temple was nice... I got a bad usual... and traded it for one that was a bit better (lol!!)

Anyway, seeing that it doesn't snow here in the Tokyo area, I was happy to be in the snow and the quiet country side... I loved it, it was so quiet and white all over.

outside my grandparent's house

I even went to an onsen (hot spring bath) at night. For those of you who don't know what an onsen is, it's like a public bath house. Theres a pool like tub full of water from the hot springs (do you see all those mountains in the back of the pic? oh yeah, lots of hot springs!!) and there are mini shower stalls where you first clean your self, then go in the onsen to enjoy the benefits of the hot spring water that's supposed to be good for your skin.

Some have different types of saunas too, but the one we went to was a small one. This pic was taken outside the door of the onsen.

Luckily for me, there were only two people in when we got there and they both left soon after, so I didn't have to look at naked old ladies too long lol... (it can be awkward in the beginning. I'm kinda used to it now) So.... I know... I was bad, but I tried to sneak some shots of the view. It was so nice. Unfortunately, it was so steamy in there, my lens just fogged up and everything was a blur. 

But if you can see, there are huge windows that let you see outside when you sit in the bath, and we had a pretty view of a garden covered in snow =)

I really wish I could have stayed longer.... Then again, I was freezing my butt off..... lol, anyway Happy New Year everyone!!! Hope you got to spend this holiday with your loved ones and had a great time.

Till next time,