Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Top 5 Hair Accessories I Love for Curly Hair

After becoming a self proclaimed curly hair naturalista, I realized just how difficult it can be to go au natural. The damage, the frizz, the can all get pretty overwhelming and until you figure out your situation, its so easy to just put it all in a bun. Now there's nothing wrong with buns. There are lots of ways to style buns, but when that's what you turn to because your afraid of people eyeing your frizz and doing it as a last resort, then we have a problem.

Accessorizing your hair is an easy way to instantly jazz it up and help you if you are transitioning, too. 

1. The first accessory I'll mention is the banana clip. It's great for adding length to your ponytails without using the multiple ponytails trick. It adds faux layers, which is another great reason I love it because I have no layers in my hair (a definite no-no especially for short to medium length curly hair). Banana clips don't have to be boring, though. Check out my two favorite banana clips.

2. Large U pins. These are great for your french twists for days you'd want something a little more elegant. They are easy to use (maybe with a bit of practice), and only require one clip and maybe a styling cream or gel. Basic large up ins will be hidden, but why not try something fun like these?

3. Hair clamps and claws always a favorite. It's great for those days you just need something quick, and I prefer clamps over ponytails or hair bands in general because they don't leave the dreaded ponytail crease....and I sometimes get random headaches and realize (how embarrassing) that I tied my hair too tight. 

4. Hair bands and scarves need a shout out because they can be subtle and offer a bit of support and style, or you can just conceal it all under there for those bad hair days we are all bound to have once in a while.

5. Bobby pins and small u pins!!! This is my ultimate, and basic accessory that allows you to do such a wide array of styles. You can spice them up by painting them with different nail polish colors to go with different outfits, you can glue on jewels and flowers, or just buy them already made purrrrttty. You can use it for pin curls, to lift your hair in certain parts to mimic layers and add volume, add lift to ponytails by adding support in the back of the ponytail, and create fun designs on boring, plain styles.

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