Saturday, September 18, 2010

Miracle Boober

I'm sure you can guess what that is. And sadly, yes, they do sell and people here do believe in products that are obviously rip offs here... What gets me is not so much the fact that there are a whole bunch of these types of products at regular drugstores (like Rite Aid) but that they choose to use cartoons...on almost all of these to advertise the product. The name? Yes, that too. And also what they have written about the price (2980 = 30 bucks) which reads: boing boing. So this is what they must expect:

Girl walks in store and is stopped in her tracks by the amazing boobs the cartoon chick has. She probably doesn't understand the word "miracle" or "boob" to know that it's a "boober"-makes you get boobs- but she is further convinced by the "boing boing" written above the price. "I want my boobs to go boing boing...Yes, I will by this!"

Who thinks that way... In my opinion, maybe a preteen. Does this mean that this product targets preteens? Probably not... after all, they sell condoms that also have cute cartoon on the box, and those are clearly not for kids right?....

Yup that's right! These condoms are on sale! 36% off!! and that's 7 bucks!!!