Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Slimy Halloween Nails

Today's post comes from my students asking why I haven't done any halloween nails like I usually do.

I actually forgot we are getting closer to the middle of October already!! I've just been preoccupied with..well life, and waiting for my new card to come in the mail so I can actually get money out from my account so I can get back to my usual life (I've been uber broke cause the banks close at three and I don't get off till 7..., and my credit card was the same card as my ATM card... so I've been screwed)

Anywayyyy, so today I was just sitting around and messing with my paints, and not really sure of what I was gonna do with them. I didn't want anything too intricate or time consuming, so I kept it simple.. sorta...

This is what I ended up with, and though it's not my favorite, it's what will be on nails this week. So like I said before, I used paint (acrylic paint from the dollar store) to do this. It dries a lot faster and is easier to work with (you can simply wipe it off if you mess up and doesn't get sticky like nail polish), so I was able to add a top coat, let it dry a bit and take a shower without it getting ruined like it usually does when I do my nails at night.

anyway, here's how I did it =)

So after applying your base coat, I just took a sponge and put a little bit of black polish and dabbed it from the tip of my nails going about 1/2 in.

Next, taking green paint mixed with a little white, I started painting the ooznig slime

Then I thought I'd add a spider web to the pinky (it's totally all over the place, I know) lol

and a bubbling cauldron 

and a spider...

and red gems lol

but that's it, I swear!! lol!

I should start thinking about the next nail look... 
I totally recommend paint though!! It might take a little getting used to to know how much water to add to get the right consistency (i use a spray bottle), but it's great!!