Tuesday, January 31, 2012

After the Tsunami in Iwate

I recently went up north (in Japan) to visit some family, and when I went they drove me out to see the remains of a town that was hit by the tsunami after the earthquake last March 11th. It looked pretty barren, and for a second didn't seem like anything was wrong; it just looked like nothing was probably ever there. However, the few surviving skeletons of buildings were what was all that was left, and mounds and mounds of garbage piles. I can't believe just how much they cleared off in the last year... It was a really sad sight that my pictures can't fully portray.
Unfortunately, I recently heard some bad predictions made by Tokyo University about another big earthquake that will hit the Tokyo area in the next four years. I only hope that it will not be another disaster like we saw in the last year.

I'm not exactly sure how to end this entry... 
I hope everyone is healthy and safe. My prayers still go out to the many people who are still affected by that disaster and other natural disasters that seem to be happening way too often in recent years...