Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My blog might as well not be about beauty, nails, or Japan because lately all my posts have been nothing but that. Yet again, I am traveling out the country for vacation =)
This time I'm heading out to Thailand/Cambodia for a little over a week. I was looking for tips for how to pack and saw many great suggestions.
Some tips required me to go out and buy some things, others were as simple as using things you already have at home, and others were reminders that there are different cultures that we need to respect.

So here's what I packed. Just one back pack and a mini bag that I'm gonna carry around in town. I packed light because obviously things are super cheap there and I can come back with more things and no one wants to be hauling huge bags trekking across countries.

I found out that short/tight shorts and spaghetti straps are pretty much not acceptable in the cities (I hear people still wear shorts around malls though) and temples and that they even have skirts or something to cover up at the gates if you are not dressed appropriately. I was a bit shocked to find out that even tight pants weren't acceptable and you had to wear something over that. Sandals are also not allowed apparently, so I had to stop by an "outdoors-ish" store to buy suitable shoes to go exploring around the temples in Cambodia.

I took three pairs of shorts and tops for the days I'll be spending on the beaches/resort and two dresses that I can war at other times. I intend to buy clothes while I'm there and just wash and mix and match what I have.

Next I only took one swimsuit and cover up, again, I'm sure I'll be buying more there...

I also took my yellow sarong, if it doesn't match the swimsuits I buy I can always just use it to lay on the beach.

under water cameras and power converters are a must. Can't forget my camera's charger and other charger I might need.

I keep my undies in this bag, and opted to bring these silicone coverups for the days I wear my dresses... 

I used my roxy bag to keep my swimsuit in, can't forget sunscreen and my shades...

Can you believe this all fit in that blue little bag?? And the rest of my things all fit in the black backpack that you can sorta see in the top right lol.

So here I got my guide books for both countries, my money pouch that I will wear hidden under my clothes, wet wipes, anti-bacterial wipes, tissue, bug repellant, power wipes (it also has sunscreen on it and it's a great way to refresh yourself if you're all sweaty) 
I also have the very Japanese gel cooling strips and one that you can tie around your neck to stay cool. The way it works is that once it's wet it gets plump and the gel inside feels real cold so you can just put it around your neck to stay cool. When it starts to wear off, all you do is wet it again and get gets plump again and cool... 

Lastly I have my toiletries bag with stuff like face wash, lotions, etc...
I also have my tinted moisturizer, a paintpot, eyeshadow (clubbin'),
gold and black eyeliners, and a power foundation (mainly for its mirror) 

I know it seems long now that I listed EVERYTHING, but it's just one backpack and a shoulder bag...( I forgot to mention my flip flops for the beach) n still has room for a little more. I'm leaving out tomorrow and I hope to take great pictures to share when I get back XD