Monday, November 19, 2012

Tokyo Nail Expo

It was my first time going to one of these things, and oh my was so packed! I expected it to be crowded inside, but I did not expect about an hour of a wait to even GET IN. My friend and I were joking about how much it was like Disney, (which has crazy long lines in case you have never been to Japan's Disney) and it was funny to see those with fast passes (Nail Techs, Contestants, etc) just zoom past us on the side cause they are on a special list.

Anyway the wait was a small price to pay for all the glorious nail goodies that awaited us, at discounted prices. I ended up buying Gel nail products, even a new LED light, (because my old UV light is huge and bulky), and a few other brushes and filers. I recently decided to switch from using nail polish to gel nails, so I had to start collecting from scratch =(.

  I have never heard of Betty Gel before, but when I walked in I saw so many of the huge bags, that I had to see what the hype was about. When I finally found the little stall later on, I totally understood what the hype was about. They had this awesome deal - buy 5 gel (...polishes?)and get a handful free! So I bought 5, and of course managed to grab 7 at once, for FREE! I still need to try it out to see if it was even worth buying but for now I'm happy with the purchase=). I bout some more from Ace-gel and their products were also SUPER popular... They had a crazy system to buy the stuff which took ages  (3 lines: one to get in, one to tick off things you wanted while looking at a poster with colors, and lastly one to pay after they call your name with your products). Lastly I went to my favorite nail store's stand and got my other things.

 Look at how tiny that LED light is!! (That's my phone next to it!!)

The rest of the night was just watching live demonstrations and drooling at all the things they had there. I definitely did not get everything I wanted, but I still feel really happy about what I got. Funny story--when I was at the convenience store, I overheard two people talking about how much they took out at the ATM, and one said $300 to which the other responded, "What?? That's it?" Turns out the other girl took out close to $2,000... wtf... is all I could think when I heard that...(O_o)

Anyway, I hope you guys are staying warm, the weather here is getting pretty darn cold. Bundle up!!