Saturday, January 18, 2014

Daytime Makeup

Everyone has their own ideas of what the one product you shouldn't leave the house without is (of course many would say you don't NEED to have makeup, too). Some may not feel comfortable without having their eyebrows filled in, others may want some foundation or concealer, and I do think both have good points. Eyebrows frame your face, and having great looking skin makes you look younger and put together. For me, though, I rely on eyeliner to open up my eyes. After all, eyeliner is supposed to create the illusion of thicker lashes, and since I HATE mascara, liquid and pencil liners are my best friends!
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Every other month, I like getting lash extensions to save me from the drama of having to put on mascara everyday and the painstaking removal at night. Besides, the lashes give me the length and thickness that I couldn't be able to get without using falsies. I didn't get them this past month, so although my eye lashes are bare, I figured I'd use this time to use up my mascaras before they expire.

So for my "everyday makeup",  and I put them in quotations because I rarely put on any makeup other than eyeliner, I focus on the following: tinted moisturizer/BB cream for a natural look, defined brows to frame my face, neutral shadows with cream liner on the waterlines, and full lashes to open up the eyes. 

On my face:
I prime my face with MAC's Prep + Prime with SPF 50 since it's a daytime look (sun damage? no thanks)
I like using my Benefit's You Rebel tinted moisturizer or Sleek's BB cream to even out my skin tone a bit and cover up some flaws. Some times, I even just use some MAC's studio finish concealer and just use Benefit's You Rebel over it and call it a day.
If I am to set it, I set, highlight, and contour using MAC's MSF Natural in medium plus, medium deep, and/or deep dark. Depending on my mood, I may just use the MSFs instead of tinted moisturizers and BB creams.

On my eyes:
I guess I'll put my brows here too. NYX auto eyebrow pencil in charcoal is my favorite. I have jet black hair and always felt weird using browns. This pencil is the perfect dark gray color to help you get full, natural looking brows. 
On my eyes, I like using light shadows with a little shimmer to help open them up. I like Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette. I use bootycall, or even half baked since I have darker skin on my lids. Foxy or bootycall goes on my inner corner, and Foxy goes under my browbone. On my crease I do like a mat brown, and so something like tease would do, but my favorite would be MAC's cork. 
I like using a nude color on your waterline is more natural looking, but I do not have one, and I'm not allowing myself to buy any make up until at least next year or when I use up some more, so I just use white for now. Then I take a dark brown eyeshadow (like snakebite) and line my upper lashes and the outer third of my lower lashes. Lastly, mascara, mascara, and more mascara if you have pathetic lashes like mine...unless you have lash extensions ;)

On my lips:
For my lips, I like using a lip stain or something else long lasting like wet n wild megalast or Revlon's lip stains. If you're using lipsticks, lip liners will definitely help them last longer! Since the eyes are not dramatic with neutral colors, you can jazz up the look with fun lip colors!

What is your one product that you can't leave the house without?