Saturday, January 18, 2014

My New Year's In Japan

This year, I didn't necessarily do anything special. I didn't travel anywhere for the holidays, but since I live in Japan I hoped to do some of the traditional things...but that didn't happen. I didn't go to the temple around midnight, I didn't eat toshikoshi soba (passing of year soba noodles) or osechi (special meals for the new year), and I didn't even count down to midnight (I was too busy blabbering that I missed the moment that it turned 12).

This year, I visited the temple on the 2nd of January, and traveled to visit my grandparents right after. My friend and I made a post on what it's like on our new blog on Japan here. Please check it out if you want a detailed account of things. I just thought I'd share some of the pictures that I took on here.

So we went to Asakusa's temple at 9 in the morning, while it was still some what uncrowded. It was cold, but still such a nice day!
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I hope you guys had a great New Year's Day and can stick to all your resolutions this year =}