Saturday, February 1, 2014

John Masters Organics Argan Oil Review

I was so excited to give this stuff a try. I read so many great reviews about John Masters Organics' 100% Argan Oil. Living in Japan, I usually don't get to buy products that I read or hear about online. Fortunately for me, they have John Masters Organics here in Japan. Better yet, right down the street from my place. The prices are pretty high in the US to begin with, so even after checking out the store a couple times and testing the products out at the store, I wasn't entirely convinced to get it. But I was out of my hair serums and other argan oils and finally splurged on it.

The Uses:
...for a scalp massage before washing hair with shampoo -see this___ post about why shampoo is damaging- treatment -It claims to mend split ends and tame frizzy hair- moisturizer -claims to help reduce appearance of wrinkles and blemishes-
...for nails and cuticles

How to Use:
It's a multipurpose oil that you can use all over your body. It can be used before or after washing your hair.

If you have a flaky scalp, you can work it into your scalp first and after massaging it into it, wrap a steaming towel around your head for 15 minutes.  In the shower, flip you hair over and rise it out. Follow up with your usual shampoo and conditioning routine.

If you have dry hair (and so possibly frizzy like mine) you can work a couple pumps into you hair, especially the ends after washing and condition.

It can be used as a heat protectant before blowdrying or flat ironing.

What Argan oil is good for:
Argan oil is able to actually get into the hair shaft to nourish and improve the elasticity of the hair. It moisturizes the hair. It is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants which are great for repairing and strengthening you hair. This argan oil is full of omega 6 fatty acids to help prevent hair breakage. It smooths, softens, and adds shine to your hair and skin.

The major issue I have with this is the smell. I have no idea if I got a bad batch because I don't recall the store testers smelling like this. It reminds me of the horrible smell ginko trees make at certain times of the year or fart knockers (what we called these cherry like fruit that fall off trees and STINK). I couldn't get past thee smell to use it much, so I hated the product. I know it's supposed to be good for you plus I paid $50 for it, so I kept using it but before my weekly shampoo because I dreaded leaving the house with hair smelling like...fat knockers. 

Despite what I wrote in the cons, I did use it over night after co-washing, then put a bit of Shea Moisture's Curling Gel Soufflé and my hair was just perfect: bouncy, soft, frizz free, and not sticky!

Although I haven't used this for long, I will say that it is light and absorbs well into the hair. I don't use it on the skin, so I cannot comment on that, but on my hair it doesn't leave it feeling too greasy when I use 2 squirts for my whole head. It doesn't weigh my hair down too much so I can layer other products over it.

Would I repurchase?
Honestly, no. It didn't "wow" me like I expected it to. And although I realize it just may be a bad batch that I have, the smell deters me even if it was good. For that price, I prefer to use my old macadamia oil which absorbs into the hair just as well, smells...better at least, and is still good for my hair. In fact, it cuts out the drying time of my hair by 70% and is a natural heat protectant.