Monday, December 29, 2014

The Winterlicious Tag 2014


I've never done a tag on this blog, but since it's been ages since I've filmed a video (and I managed to forget my charger for my camera while here in the US for the holidays), I figured a blog post would suffice. Although I started my vacation with lots of snow and cold, gloomy rainy days, the past few weeks have been manageable, and I am not as envious of the temperate Tokyo winter I am missing out on. Anyway, let's get to these questions, and as always, I tag everyone!!

1. Favorite thing about winter?
This actually took some thought because I actually HATE winter. I hate the snow, I hate the cold, I hate the dry air, I hate getting sick... But this isn't a question of what I hate about Winter.... So I guess I'd say getting time off work and being able to spend quality time with family. 
2. Scarves or Beanies?
Scarves. I actually realized I didn't pack ANY beanies or hats when I came back for the holidays, but I did bring about 5 different scarves. They are versatile, and can keep me warm and cozy when I do have to go out and suffer this tragedy of a thing called winter because let's face it, who wouldn't rather stay home with warm cookies and Netflix until spring comes along. 
3. Favorite holiday movie?

I can't say I really have one. Let's go with The Nightmare Before Christmas. =)
4. Favorite nail polish?

I would go for anything silver and glittery. My favorite would be the one by Skinfood, I love their nail polishes, but the down side to glitter polishes is it's such a pain to take off. 
5. Favorite Starbucks drink?

Sometimes I like to try out their holiday drinks, buuuuut I usually just go with their White Mocha. Maybe throw in an extra shot of espresso or caramel. And a chocolate chip cookie too, thanks. 
6. What are your top 3 winter essentials?

Wow, three only? Okay, well I'd go with a nice, moisturizing body butter that smells like sugar or vanilla... a dark lipstick, my fav being MAC's Viva Glam III... annnnnnd, a soft, cozy scarf. Preferably something along the shades cream/ivory... 

7. Name one item on your wish list this year?
Well Christmas already passed... I actually didn't even have a list though, but if I were to get myself something now, just because, I'd get a new phone... Yeah. I'm using a prepaid "track phone" while I'm out here because Japan is mean and you can only use their phones in Japan (can't change sim cards) unless you want to pay a bunch for roaming. 
8. Favorite holiday song?

I was not feeling the holiday songs this year. Am I in total grinch mode? 
9. Did you go Black Friday shopping?

No, I didn't. I was still in Japan, during black friday. I actually spent thanksgiving taking the GRE, so that was a lot of fun. 
10. Must have winter lip product?

My NIVEA kiss of Milk and Honey lip balm is almost done 'cause I've been using it so much. Any balm, really, but my next one will have to have sum SPF protection, even if it's winter. 
11. Will you be rocking an ugly Christmas sweater this year?

No, I didn't. Maybe next year. It's gonna have to have a cat in it somewhere, because that's how I roll now. Cat Lady Fo Lyfe...
12. Have you ever had a white Christmas where you live?

In New Jersey, yes. In Tokyo, I don't think so... Christmas day is the only day I like snow, cause I'm pretty much guaranteed to stay home all day. 
13. Favorite winter candle scent?

Yankee candle's Christmas Cookie, mmmmmmmmmmm. If you guy's can't tell I love things that are sweet...
14. How will you be celebrating this holiday?

Well, it's my first year back in America for the holidays in...7 whole years! The plan was to see all my family, but it hasn't really worked out that well...damn you tonsillitis and Netflix. But I did get to spend Christmas with friends and family, and I still have time to make up for it!

So that was the whole tag! I hope you guys are having a great holiday, wherever you are!