Saturday, December 11, 2010

What in the www?

I figured it has been a while since I did one of these, "what in the whole wide world" pics. 
So here we go. Today we have more train fails...
Here is the first guy, with hair bigger than his whole head. I can't figure out if he's trying the "ikemen" host look or a jigger look. The shoes and hair call for two different styles in Japan...

This one was really clear. We had the Japanese cholo crew on board. It was weird cause he kept looking at me so I finally just took a pic and pretended like I was asleep.

This was just funny cause no one wanted to sit next to him lol... Those two seats were empty but ppl would rather sit next to me, a foreigner. Maybe they were scared.

Oh my gosh... This is something that happens way too much. Girls wearing short skirts and not closing their legs when they sit. WTH?????? No wonder there are so many pervs here in Japan... Ugh!