Sunday, October 13, 2013

My first Gel Nail Tutorial

I have been big on gel nails! It lasts forever, doesn't chip, and looks nice and glossy. What's not to love?? Taking it off I suppose, haha.

Well after I found this wonderful discount nail supply store in Tokyo, I got into gel nails. They even had free seminars weekly, showing nail art techniques, etc. I loved that I don't have to do my nails weekly, and can do my regular activities without worrying about chipped polishes.

As you can see in past posts, I hoarded a bunch of gel colors, only to start volunteering a week after I posted this tutorial on youtube... Why does that matter, you say? Well, we aren't allowed to wear bright colored polishes, and most of my gel are in bright colors, haha... I was told "no nails" in English, but later someone said as the polish is nude or the like, its ok. No long nails, obviously, too. So there goes all my fun, haha. anyway, here was the last (and first) gel nail tutorial that I did. I go over the basics and steps, but make sure to check out my nail care video too because it can be a bit damaging, especially if your not doing it right.