Monday, November 25, 2013

I Love Korean Face Masks

When I went to Korea a few years ago, I remember that the beauty counters in the department stores were all about snail cream and skincare. At least here in Japan, Korea is known for cheap spas ("esute"-esthethics), good skincare, and good food. All the ladies at the counters in the department stores offered samples and asked if we'd like to try out their creams. When I finally gave in, I didn't realize that what I tried was snail cream., and could not believe that it was so popular! I's SNAIL cream.

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Now, I know there are actual places in Tokyo where you can have LIVE snails put on your face as a facial treatment. I would not be interested in that, but next to that the creams and masks aren't that bad. So after a while I started noticing the Korean masks all over stores here, and not only were they super popular, but they were also super cheap! You can get one mast for less than a dollar at most stores, and at some places you can get a good deal if you buy in bulk (like 5, or 10). 

I think the best part of these masks are that they come in some pretty interesting varieties (sail, snake venom, wine, lilly, and roses just to name a few). If that alone isn't going to get you intrigued and willing to try them them out, they are moisturizing and full of nutrients. These masks don't get rinsed off. After leaving them on your face for about 20 minutes, you simply remove the mask, rub in the remaining product into your face, and your done! Go one and moisturize your face to finish the skincare routine. Finally, you gotta love the fact that you are actually putting a pre-made mask onto your face. I always have fun lining it up to my face for some reason (am I too easily entertained or what?).  

Since we should exfoliate our faces twice a week, I exfoliate once during my weekly facial and again in the middle of the week. After the second time exfoliating, I use these masks for added moisture and nutrients that my skin loves to soak up. I also use my face steamer while using this mask, since the steam opens up my pores allowing the goodies from the mask to get into my pores better. The steamer turns off after about 6 minutes and then the mask gets cold, closing up the pores again. 

Would you guys want to try out the sail cream/treatments?