Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Making Your Own Jewelry and other DIY projects - Kiwaseisakujyo -

If you are a DIY type of girl or fella, there are some cool stores to help you customize your own jewelry or gifts in Japan. 
I've walked past this store many times before I walked in and realized what a treasure I walked into. 
In the past I made a blog post about a similar store in Kobe where you can pick jewels, beads, chains, etc. and have people in the store put it together for you. Well, this was a much bigger store with more options for DIY projects and jewelry. 

This particular store can be found in Sakuragicho's Colette Mare. The store is called Kiwaseisakujyo (貴和製作所)

There are many signs around the store with directions and even instructions for samples in some kits to help you with your projects.

Here are some great ideas for spicing up the packaging of your next gift, and the sign says there are many items that you can make even if you are a beginner. 

Whether you want your own unique watches, jewelry, straps, or just want to bedazzle your phone cases, coasters or pens, you can find everything you need at these stores!

Now my biggest problem with this is that as much as I may buy things and take them home, my initial enthusiasm may not follow me home to complete the projects I had in mind. That's why I was really excited when I saw that they have a cafe and also other tables near by as work space. 

That way, if you realize you forgot something, well, the supplies are right next to you and also the staff will be available to help you if you get stuck or are unsure about how to do something. I mean, it was ingenious for them to sell parfaits and coffee by the workstations. Everything you need for a fun, crafty day, to get inspired, create, eat, drink, relax, in one store.

Now to be honest, if you are not smart about it, the prices to make something may cost more than if you were to buy a cheap one from some store, but of course, you will be making a unique, one of a kind item that no one else will have. 

But if you enjoy DIY projects, making your own jewelry and accessories, and the like, this might as well be your Disney Land. 

I really love these cute tops! I remember my preschool students always had cool bedazzled smocks with their names and cute cartoon characters on them. I always wondered how their mom's managed to do that, but now I can see how or where they were able to get the things they needed for it!

I hope you guys got inspired to make something, or some ideas to make some cool one of a kind gifts! Have a great week guys!