Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More nails?! yeah... lol

I know, it seems like I mostly just do nails now... But it's the one thing I always try to make time for even when I work full time and go to school. So, at least I can post some pictures of the nails I have of the week, in case it can be inspiration for you guys. I always get ideas from looking at other people's nails on the trains, from displays, magazines, etc. I just figure this way I can also share the ideas and my own creations as well =)

Sorry the last one is really blurry. I'm still trying to work with the camera.
Anyway, I honestly though I would have more time for blogging and youtube, but I leave around 7am and come home at about 9:30 6 days a week... and the time between is for homework and preparing for work...

So please forgive me. On the bright side I only have 10 more days of class until I graduate!!! Whoop whoop! the only thing that sucks is that even though I'm done this summer, my diploma will say class of 2012. wth, right??