Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rainy season/Flower Nails (of the week)

Just can't get it together, as you see in the title lol.
I was supposed to go to this famous temple which has lots of hydrangea flowers. But it rained this morning and the trip with my mom got cancelled =(

So last night, I wanted to prep for the trip and did my nails around midnight with the hydrangea flowers as a theme. But I was sleepy and got lazy, because drawing each individual flower (and petal) took a lot more work than I thought. Maybe if I started around 9 pm I would have had more energy for it, but oh well. 
I hope you guys like it, a few gems fell out already though lol~

On a side note, I finally got a wii!!!! I have been wanting it for years! Why I never got one is a long story, but after all this time, my dream came true!!! lol

However, it's a US wii, and so I can't buy games here for it... wtf right? (-_-)

I guess I'll being going on e-bates pretty soon to order a bunch of them. Anyone with a wii have recommendations??