Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nails of the Week: blues and whites

Just a quick post showing my random nails today. It didn't turn out the way I wanted, so I made my index and middle finger blue. They were all the same at first but looked kinda weird. Anyway, I hope you like these nails for the week. I was thinking "summer" with the blues and of course, I am using white again lol!

So here there are:

Please ignore my dirty brushes in the back! lol!!

On a side note, I've been obsessed with the Smurfs game on the iphone... I had another game like it before, something village? I can't remember, but I got sick of it. The concept of the smurfs game is SO much like it, but for some reason I have to keep checking on my gardens and what not.  Maybe that's why I used blue lol!

So if you guys know any good apps or games, please let me know! I can't be playing the Smurfs only all the time!!!