Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pool Party in Japan

Remember that white bikini I got???
Well I went to a pool party last weekend and thought I got a chance to wear it!
The thing is, June is rainy season in Japan, and throughout the day it would rain a bit and look as though it was gonna rain. The pool party I was invited to was at this up scale location, and I was a bit confused when I heard it started at 11....PM.

So any who, there's the dj, a pretty pool side, such a great view from the roof of I forget, a 9 story building? (I can't remember, I might be getting it confused with the 9th floor of some other building I went to the other Either way, it was gorgeous, I can't believe I didn't take any pictures. Well I know why I didn't I was freezing cold for some reason. It started drizzling about an hour in, not pouring, but that misty, foggy like drizzle. So I didn't even bother changing into my bikini.

The best part of the night wasn't all the half naked Japanese guys dancing up on each other and the Japanese girls dancing at the other side of the floor (it was like a high school, no middle school dance), but the fact that WE WEREN"T ALLOWED TO GO INTO THE POOL! lol!! It was all just for show I guess, which was really nice by the way. But a pool party with no pool that you can go into lol,,,,
There was a sign by the pool that told us not to go in, or we will be fined, and also in the elevator on our way out.

and by the way, 300,000 yen is like $3000..

I really should have snapped pictures of the night; it was really nice and I had fun. Shame!

So I will leave you with random old pictures of flowers...cause I think they're pretty lol!