Monday, August 1, 2011

Smooth Feet for the Summer time!

So we all want smooth skin all the time, but honestly we all know our feet can start looking busted once summer rolls around. Why? Sandals. Wearing sandals and flip flips has definitely taken its toll on my feet... and so before I start feeling ashamed the next time I go to get my feet massaged, I decided to do some damage control.

First things first, yes, I lotion my feet everyday. But during the summer sometimes parts of my feet gets hard, or gets callouses I guess. My heels might look a bit ashy or dull... and well, it's just not a cute look to have.

So you can use a pumice stone, exfoliate, etc etc,
but here are my favorite things to do when I feel like things are gonna start getting outta hand.

For major damage control, I use this:

I'm sorry it's crooked, but even when I rotated it before uploading it just keeps getting uploaded this way...
I can't figure it out! anyway, as you can see by this gross close up below, it's like a foot peel.

All you do is soak your feet in the plastic sock provided full of some liquid for an hour or so, and then rise it off. In a few days, your skin just starts peeling off.. I know this may sound gross to some of you, but it doesn't hurt and your old dead layers of skin just come off like ::snaps:: that!

So after you feet are baby soft again, for the upkeep, I just moisturize it daily as usual but I also use this scrub from lush. It's called the volcano foot scrub in English.

It's great for those days when you wear heels or sandals because it's just sooo soothing. I leave it on my skin for sometime and wrap it in saran wrap. Then after a few minutes I use it like a regular scrub and rinse it off!

What are your tips for keeping your feet soft during the summer?