Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finding a craft store...

So back home we have Michael's and tons of other craft stores. Funny thing is, I couldn't name a single craft store that I've seen or heard of here in Japan. And I've been here for almost 3 years!
Funny thing is, I was actually gonna google it today when I got home, but I saw a friend with a big bag with a huge canvas or something in it, and I thought..."hmmm she's an arts and crafts kinda girl...maybe she knows", and she did!!!

It's called Sekaido. The best part was that the she said the biggest one was in Shinjuku...right next to the Forever 21!!! I had to go to work after, but I was so excited that I couldn't wait. I figured I had just enough time to make a quick stop, so I went there and bought some body paint to prepare for halloween and work on some looks.

This is outside of Shinjuku station. It was so close!

 OMG It's Forever 21!! But.....I was a good girl and didn't go in... I already did damage in the beginning of the month here.

And there it is, in the red Kanji letters. Even if I walked passed it a million times I wouldn't have known it was a craft store... Geez....

Sadly though, the face pain was crap. It was a liquid type of paint in a tube that said "chromacryl: studen't acrylic". You can use it on the face, it's non toxic and water based. But omg, it was so hard to work with. It just ended up looking really uneven and cracked, no matter how many times I re-did it with thin layers, etc. Dabbing over it with a sponge kinda picked up the paint and leave a hole... ugh...

So I need to find another craft store that sells clown pain in a cream form or something... The section with body paint was so small at Sekaido... Or else I'll have to order some online... Know any good brands? I hear Ben Nye is good.