Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sports Day!

So I have a day off tomorrow!! I actually get an actual "weekend" (as in 2 days off) because I usually work on Saturdays too. So why exactly am I off? Because Japan is great and has really random holidays through out the year. My favorites are green day (like seriously, the color green), respect for the aged day, and tomorrow - Sports day. Now no one actually goes out of their way to play sports, and all the children already had their Sports Day at their school by at least like last weekend or so... But nevertheless most jobs and places are CLOSED, including my job and school <3

Ah! It makes living here great when I think of all the odd public holidays they have here that don't really have any purpose or tradition/thing you do on that specific day. I guess I did go to the beach on Oceans Day this past summer, but it wasn't really crowded.

So what am I going to do with my day off? ..... Probably nothing, lol. But that's also important I guess. Getting good rest. I remember we were talking about in my psych class about how getting little sleep (even like 6 or 4 hours a night) everyday for a long period of time (the study was 2 weeks i think) is the same as getting no sleep at all for 3 days. I'm sure you can imagine just how unfocused and discombobulated you would get with 3 days of no sleep. When you think of it like that, a day of doing nothing is actually doing a great lot of "something" for my mental state =)
So I'll be chillin with my Rilakkuma,
Napping with him too,

and also spend sum time with my bunny <3