Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Nail Tutorial

Today was a bummy day...
Starting from the beginning with my test in my early morning class. I woke up and left early just so I can get there on time and have some extra time to study, but NOOO all 3 trains I take to school were late.
I lost my planner, skipped belly dancing class because I was looking for it (with no success) and had problems recording the tutorial. Enough with my venting though... 

My creative juices are just not there lately, and I haven't had ideas or the urge to look for inspiration lately, but I knew I should do something soon. So, I did a halloween nail tutorial because the kids at school have been asking when I'll start with them this year.

So here it is... Simple really, I didn't like how the spider came out but I was too lazy to redo it, lol.
The tutorial will be up on youtube. but here's basically what I did:
1. Made a gradation with purple and a white glittery polish

2. Then I drew in the pictures using a thin wand, making "m's" for bats and white for a ghost.

I also did a spider web and a yellow spider, but I'd rather scratch out the spider lol.

I hope you guys like it and would try it out!!

check out
pretty soon and I'll have the tutorial up