Monday, October 25, 2010

Costumes at Japanese Halloween Stores

So I haven't had time to do all I wanted with halloween this year.
I'm so busy with tests, papers, and presentations (not to mention work) that I barely have time for myself.
I really wanted to get my halloween look down but it's so rushed.. and the first halloween party I'm going to is tomorrow at work. I was going as a snow queen/yuki onna (a snow spirit in Japanese that killed people with her kiss/breath?) any who, I hope that I didn't over do it.
I am going in white face paint... and I hope the kids wont all scream and run away...
heck, it's halloween right? lol
anyway, here are some crazy pictures from the halloween section at stores in Japan. This is a wig...titled "Samurai wolf"....... Need I say more??

Now these are some "pants" or underwear... with a tap in the front... uuuuhh....

and this is a boob hat... 

ah, japan, you never cease to surprise me lol