Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I've been having trouble with sleep lately... I mean, I was gonna sleep early, and here I am, doing homework and blogging! lol. I swear it's impossible to get enough sleep and perform well at school (especially if your working at the same time like me). What do you guys do to fall asleep? I don't like drinking warm milk because...well I don't like milk, haha. Calming music?

I always wanted to start doing meditation or some yoga at night to help me sleep. If you guys ever tried yoga, you know how the last 10-15 mins are spent on the ground doing savasana and just relaxing. I loved my old yoga classes where they put towels with scented oils like lavender or lemon grass on it and covered your eyes while you lay listening to the river flowing outside. It always made me really sleepy and I hated getting up when the class ended.

I'm going to start doing that, or at least try. Maybe it can help me sleep and be a de-stressor at the same time. I'll let you know how it works!