Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Nail Tutorial

This is the next nail look that I am going to put up on my youtube channel:
I kinda messed up on this hand, I wanted the circle shiny things to look more like this, which was on my right hand....

It's a really simple look. First you just paint your nails is a creamy, off white color. It doesn't have to look perfect cause you'll paint over most of it with black anyway.

Then all you do is pain the top 2/3rds black and make it curve like so:

Once again, it doesn't have to be perfect cause we will cover it with those silver small circles. 
Remember, they look a bit better on my right than my left hand's pic (the completed look)

I just used some snowflake nail stickers and saved some time, and put on a top coat over it all. I only did my thumb's manually with a nail art brush, but the rest are stickers.

Then I just used a glittery polish to make a gradation at the tip, and then it's finished!