Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Gold snowflakes Nails

Ok, So another blingtastic nail tutorial.
It can be a bit long if you add in the bling, but as usual, you can tone it down or jazz it up like I did. 
Another look inspired from nail magazines, ahhhh love them.
Anyway, lets start with my bare nails... YIKES can you say YELLOW???

ok, so as usual, apply your base coat...

now that your nails protected a bit, lets put on two coats of white polish on your thumb, middle finger, and pinky.

Alright, now take a gold polish, and out it on the remaining finger. (two coats again)

Great, now we need to get to the tricky parts. Making the middle section of the white polish gold. For the right hand I recommend holding the brush still over the nail and just rotating your finger to get a steady straight line.

They don't have to be too perfect. Just go over them with a glitter nail art polish or a thin brush to get more control. 

like that!, but before you do that, (unlike I did) you should add your snowflake stickers/or paint them in yourself.

and theeeeen, you can bling your nails out the way you want, add a bunch of top coats to seal them in, and FINITO! 

Hope you like it =)