Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nails of the Week... and allergies

I've been slacking with posting lately. 
So here are my nails that I have for now. Went back to the dark fall/winter colors.

So I've been miserable all month...(and last month) because of my seasonal allergies. 
Apparently it's 10 times worse than last year, so even though we're in mid winter (and this started early January), my eyes, nose, sinus, skin, everything has just been aggravating me.

I finally went to see a doctor, and got tested to see what causes my allergies. There were the usual stuff, Japanese cedar tree (sooo many people are allergic to that and theres sooo much of that pollen flying around) other trees and grasses... then I looked at the English translation and saw Timothy. LOL My rabbit's food lol. 

So my mom was right when she told me not to bring him in my room cause I'm probably allergic to him. I do always sneeze etc for a while after he's in my room. I didn't get tested for bunnies tho... And it's ok, the sneezing etc from spending time with him is bearable compared to the itchy eyes from pollen.

Do you guys suffer from allergies? what helps you deal with allergies?