Friday, March 25, 2011

my first Haul =)

First of all... can I just say how happy I am to eat American Chinese food??? OMG... I missed beef and broccoli and pork fried rice. 

So the other day I went to the mall and got a few things. I already mentioned the victoria's secret things that I bought. 
Here are the actual pictures. I picked things that smell fruity and sweet, so here are all the things that I loved in the garden collection. 

from left to right: luscious kisses, coconut passion, wild scarlet, ravishing love

strawberry and champagne, lost in fantasy, and pure seduction body butters
The pink sweet and flirty wasn't part of the deal...
last but not least, love spell

I also stopped by to get some china glaze polish, because I've never bought any (too expensive in Japan). There was a deal for 2 for $10. I was pretty excited, and I want to buy some more china glaze polishes. 

I also bought a few things from a drug store that are everyday things like deodorant (lord knows I need to stock up on those before I go back). I decided to buy the "crystal" deodorant, but I'm a bit skeptical... Let's see how it works... I've been dying without my neutrogena face cleanser/mask. It was my holy grail face cleanser and I felt so lost without it.... ::sigh:: And I had to stock up on summers eve cause I haven't found feminine washes in Japan...

So here's my question: what other nail polish brands do you recommend, or what colors do you think I should buy?
If there are other drug store products that are must haves, what are they? I can't wait to buy more!