Monday, March 14, 2011

Update, I think I will be evacuating.

So after the earthquake, a nuclear plant in Fukushima was starting to meltdown and they've been trying everything to stop it from happening. They even started to pump saltwater in but apparently it's not working. They already found a factory worker that was showing signs of radiation sickness and rushed them to the hospital or something. That was a few days ago.
The plant is 270 km from Tokyo, so I though we'd be ok. But apparently, low levels of radiation was found in two parts of Tokyo. We have been told to stay in doors, but so many have already started leaving Japan. Apparently the line to get a reentry visa was so long, (8 hours) that people were recommended to go to a different prefecture down south to do all that stuff if they were planning to leave.
I thought things will be ok now that the earthquake was over with, We've been having many aftershocks still, and I know for a fact 3 of those were new earthquakes because I was watching the news and they announced them as earthquakes.
I wanted to comment everyone back that commented to me, but this is just a quick post I will put up then start packing my bag incase I have to get a move on.
Thanks guys for all ur prayers and support.
I'll be posting as soon as I get a chance! =)