Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Something bright.

It's weird how I spent my day pretty much the whole time in this same seated position. I can't get my self to get up and do anything I wanted to. Finally I packed an emergency backpack, but no water or snacks to put in cause...well I just haven't gone out to the store which is low on supplies anyway.

The day I got back from Tokyo after the major earthquake hit, I cleaned up the house from all the things that fell over and I did my nails. I sat for ages, unable to decide on a look, and looked through so many pictures and finally settled on one picture. It was pink and white, and I don't know it seemed positive.  Right after I did them I fell asleep, so please don't mind the imprint of my sheets lol. All this little pieces have fallen off now, so I may finally get off my bum and do my nails again. It's weird, but it's kind of something to make me feel like things are back to normal and just blocks out all the things happening for a little bit lol...

We had another somewhat big earthquake today, and I didn't want to go to the bathroom right after because I didn't want the after shock to happen when I was taking a pee lol. I seriously started thinking... Would I flush the toilet if that happened?...would you even wipe if it was really bad?? LOL! It's a stupid question and gross, but it got me thinking if that ever happened in the history of earthquakes. Or maybe your in the shower... I'm gonna stop before I scare myself from going to the bathroom or showering for the the next two months lol. I'm just so thankful that I even have a home that I can go to a bathroom in. Please keep those who are displaced, missing, and injured in your thoughts..